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Léo Corporation is a Windows software creator since 2017. The purpose of its products is to improve everyone’s productivity by helping people with basic and complex tasks while offering an intuitive and simple user experience. Over the years, Léo Corporation has acquired skills that are today constantly reused in our softwares, to always push the limit of the possible for our users. We are living in an era where our computers have never been that important before and therefore Léo Corporation is putting all its efforts to offer the best softwares to its users. We are currently maintaining lots of softwares specialized in different fields: From simple user tasks to daily developers’ workflow, and even database management.

New softwares

We often release new softwares. You can see our latest ones below.

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Open source

Since 2019, Léo Corporation is contributing to make the code of most of its apps available to everyone by making our softwares Open-Sourced on GitHub. This is how we are improving our softwares, by contributing regularly to them on GitHub. Thanks to this, we can push an update to all our Open-Sourced projects once a month, and even more! You can find some of our Open-Sourced projects below. Don’t hesitate to help us by contributing to these projects!

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Xalyus Store

Xalyus Store brings all our software together in one place.

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